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Business Valuation Process

Studies show that 74% of business owners have most, if not all, of their wealth tied up in their business, and are counting on the proceeds of the sale to fund 80% to 100% of their retirement.

This illustrates what both sweat equity and a lack of diversification look like. The risk profile raises further when you learn that less than 5% of business owners know the value of their business.

Business valuation is a complex topic. For the business appraiser, it requires a great deal of technical skill, knowledge of accepted practices, access to a wide variety of tools and datasets as well as the ability to manipulate, interpret and package the data. 

For our clients, it is nowhere near as difficult. Our streamlined process only requires you to provide us with several years of financial statements and answer a handful of questions. We do the rest in a fast, efficient, and user-friendly manner.


We offer a comprehensive range of valuation solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a simple or complex valuation, asset appraisals or intensive due diligence reports, ValueCap will provide the right solution.

Business Valuations
Machinery and Equipment Appraisals
Due Diligence Reports
  • Essentials Valuation Report: Ideal for buying or selling a business with less than $500k revenue
  • Standard Valuation Report: Ideal for buying or selling a business with greater than $500k revenue
  • PreQual Valuation Report: Ideal for buying or selling a business to streamline the purchase or sale with loan and SBA pre-qualification.
  • Certified Valuation Report: Ideal for buying/selling a business with more than $2M in revenue, complex businesses, IRS submissions, litigation, partner disputes, and bank loans. Learn more about Certified Valuations.
  • Desktop Appraisal: Quick and low cost. Ideal for determining the value of machinery and equipment
  • Comprehensive Appraisal: Includes on-site physical inspection. Ideal for asset-backed loans, insurance, and legal disputes
  • Quality of Earnings Report (QoE): Ideal for validating the accuracy of a company’s reported earnings
  • Field Audit: Ideal for physically verifying an organization’s accounts receivables, inventory and assets.

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