Image of Chad Hartwig

Chad Hartwig

Associate Broker

Chad is an Associate Broker and business consultant with ValueCap Inc. He represents both sellers and buyers from across a diverse range of industries. 

A native of Upstate New York, Chad has made a career out of building, connecting, and growing business opportunities to achieve many desirable achievements.  Chad understands the importance of business confidentiality and relationships between buyers and sellers. As a broker, his motivation lies in helping successful owners validate the years of hard work by selling the business while also working with entrepreneurial buyers from the most experienced investor to the novice first-time buyer. 

Chad is known for his professionalism, persistence, and negation skills. He has the ability to work around even the most challenging obstacles that arise while maintaining the foresight to complete the deal. As a member of The International Business Brokers Association® and many other trade associations, he takes pride in bringing resources together to achieve the overall success for all stakeholders. 

Growing up in a household of entrepreneurs, it is part of his DNA. Being part of multiple family businesses and then later leading to a successful consulting business that assisted small to medium sized business with sales and operational functions. Chad has worked both in public and private sectors in the B2B and B2C markets building and promoting a variety of different commodities and services. Chad has a passion to build employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  This is exemplified through his work with multiple not for profit agencies.